26 October 2008

where the eff is the breakfast club?!

as you may or may not have noticed, The Breakfast Club sort of dropped out of the breakfast scene about 6 months ago. we apologize. and actually, we've been meaning to post this "sorry for not posting reviews" blog for about 5 1/2 months.

sorry for not posting reviews.

and sorry for not preparing you, our trusting fans, for the sudden gaping hole in your weekly virtual stack of entertaining reading material. we are really sorry.

but here's the news...

we don't all live close enough to meet for breakfast each and every week anymore.

why? you may demand-- why don't you just get your acts together and meet up? why can't you just sacrifice for the greater good of breakfast eaters in portland and surrounding areas?

well, because we are also sort of busy. and it's not like we were getting paid. (except with your loving support.) and yes, we definitely miss it. more than you may think. because besides being die-hard breakfast reviewers, we are also friends. and we miss each other.

but here's the good news: someday we will review again. hopefully sometime in the near future. and hopefully some of you will still be happy to follow along in our breakfasty quest for perfection. we certainly hope you do.

we love you.

The Breakfast Club


Anonymous said...

Please come back soon. Portland brunchers need your reviews now more than ever!

Marya said...

Please do come back when you have a chance! I know about being busy so I won't judge. But your reviews are really fun, and I miss them.

Anonymous said...

From a fellow foodie and benny girl from NYC - your blog was inspiring and helped my husband and I navigate our way to a great brunch this morning.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

No one can understand your horrible reviews. You sound less like restaurant critics and more like asshole customers that make life miserable for servers and cooks. If you want to bitch and nitpick that much about your breakfast then stay home and have your mommy cook it.