12 February 2007

big mama's diner

dining date: 02.12.07
big mama's diner on dana street
pricing category:
cheap, cheap, cheap...it is a diner after all
guest critic:
sporty spice
overall grade: B+

the lowdown:
- cute little apron curtains, although they were a bit dirty and grimey
- the booths were a little small for 4 people, not very comfortable, and the table was slanted towards the floor...but that's all part of the experience
- apparently big mama's is "where it's all rainbows and sausages."
- waitress was wonderful, laid-back, prompt & friendly
- upon arrival, wild toast was drawn to the wall o' clocks and thought it was a lovely touch...although the benny girl was really stressed out about the backwards moving one. she has a hard enough time telling time on correct clocks.
- the atmosphere was a little awkwardly silent as there was no music playing. we were self-conscious that our giggling was disturbing the locals. in fact, one man started listening to his own headphones at one point. clearly it needs music.

the food
the benny girl
- eggs benedict with spinach & tomatoes, homefries, and tea
- grade: A-
"as per usual, i ordered the eggs benedict, but with tomatoes and spinach. i was a little leery, since diner hollandaise is usually disgusting...but big mama's hollandaise was really great and the english muffin was perfectly browned. the homies were a bit on the squooshy side but good. although the tea didn't come in a pot and the honey & half and half came in wasteful little plastic containers, it was still up to par -- nice and hot -- a pleasant surprise for a diner where tea is usually disastrous. all in all, a great diner experience."

the usual
- 2 eggs, homefries, toast, and coffee
- grade: B+
"my meal was good, but not stunning. the eggs needed a little more butter in the pan and were a little lacking in flavor. all in all, they were good enough. homefries were pretty basic and a little mushy. toast was perfectly buttered. i was a huge fan of the ketchup 'sharp shooter' bottle. the service was great. big mama's was a lovely slice of local culture."

wild toast
- "big mama's meal": two eggs, homefries, bacon, two pancakes, and coffee
- grade: B+
"the big mama meal -- pancakes (yes sweets), eggs, homefries, bacon -- was decent. standard 7 1/4" pancakes, over-easy eggs (my mistake -- one must have toast to sop up wet eggy bits), and somewhat plain homies left a bit of room for improvement. so big mama's is a diner. local spice. the bacon was unimpressive -- two spindly strips. but bacon is as bacon does, and that is usually creating tasty times. very nice service."

sporty spice
- he copied the usual's order...big faux pas. he will not be invited back until he can learn to follow the rules.
- grade: B+
"a hearty meal of eggs, wheat toast, and homefries, i enjoyed my meal. the eggs were cooked very well and the toast was crunchy and well-buttered. the homefries were mediocre but acceptable; very average. coffee was good, but a bit slow on refills. although the service was kind, warm, and inviting. the decor is of a small time local diner and i found it quite enjoyable with its odd decorations and pictures. overall, a very nice breakfast experience."

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