04 February 2007

artemesia cafe

overall grade: A / A+location: pleasant street
web: artemesia cafe
pricing category: a little pricey but WELL worth every penny...and all the other coins too
guest critic: annanna pants

the lowdown:
- free crossword puzzles -- great for a solo breakfast
- "the decemberists" were playing upon entering and were followed by one great album after another
- the server was super cute / nice throughout the whole experience
- the unique mugs were great, as were the creaming vessels!
- interior design / atmosphere is eclectic, creative, comfortable & artsy

the food:
the benny girl
- eggs florentine, homefries, bacon, tea, and mexican hot chocolate
- grade: A
"my only criticism is that i'd prefer it on an english muffin -- the scone was good, but crumbly. great hollandaise! spinach and tomatoes were very fresh. bacon was practically perfect. very good homies. perfect tea...a difficult feat to accomplish. oh, and the mexican hot chocolate = scrumdillyicious!!"

the usual
- 2 eggs, homefries, toast, and coffee
- grade: A
"my only criticism was that "the usual" was not a single menu item -- i had to create it on my own with sides. the toast was well-buttered on awesome multi-grain bread. eggs were excellent, but they were not quite over-hard. homefries had both sweet potatoes and red potatoes -- i can go either way on that combination. overall a perfect amount of food and wonderful service."

wild toast
- kielbasa hash & eggs, toast, and coffee
- grade: A+
"the overall experience was lovely!!! the presentation of my meal was a true delight -- a ceramic casserole dish of potatoes, sweet & white, and kielbasa tidbits, bite-sized tidbits. on top were two fried easy eggs topped with cheese. this is my one and only complaint -- the toast, which was awesome, was placed on top of the eggs and cheese, causing a cheesy goo on the bread. this i didn't appreciate, however, it was still good. i couldn't come close to finishing my meal...but that's normal for me. oh, and good coffee"

annnanna pants
- roasted red pepper fritatta and water
- grade: A
"well, i was flattered to be invited to this exclusive gathering. once i was given permission to order whatever i wanted, that made it even better. overall, the experience was great -- the food, the atmosphere, the company, the crossword puzzle...i have to say though, that all the analysis during the meal sort of overshadowed the meal itself. but it was good."

1 comment:

Adam Burk said...

Agreed, fabulous breakfast spot. Great service, atmosphere and FOOD! Everything from their mexican hot chocolate to huevos rancheros to cinnamon rolls is awesome. Great options and for the non-meat eater (not talking about eggs), it is not a meat heavy menu. Veggie hash and eggs and huevos rancheros are two of our favorite dishes. Oh and in the summer the Maracuja Iced Tea is a must try.

The servers are super sweet, and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. This has been my favorite breakfast spot for years now. It used to be my hidden little treasure spot, and now more and more people know about it, which is good too.