08 April 2007

the good egg

dining date: 04.08.07
eatery: the good [easter] egg on middle street
web: the good egg
pricing category: very reasonably priced -- especially for the quality of food
guest critic: mamamosa
overall grade: A

the lowdown:
- the best two-for-one deal in portland: the good egg by day, pepperclub by night.
- warm, sunday morning atmosphere -- it's always very "brunchy" in there. very roomy with lots of seating, so you don't feel like you're on top of each other.
- service was superb.
- bathroom was nice and not at all gross -- although a little too dim and you don't always feel like you can trust the lock.
- they had a bowl of free dove chocolate eggs for the taking -- love it! and they always sell packages of pancake mix and cinnamon roll kits. in fact, they do fundraisers for nonprofits with those kits...very cool.
- although the hand-made menus are a nice and creative touch, we artists in TBC might recommend opting for lamination over mod podge. just a thought...
the food
the benny girl
- vegetarian eggs benedict, homies, bacon, peach mimosa, and tea.
- grade: A (service: A++)
"first of all, happy easter to all of our adoring fans. thank you for taking the time out of your holiday to read our review. since it's a special occasion, we all decided to have a little bubbly with our breaky. i chose the peach mimosa, which was great! the good egg already has a very extensive menu [note: the menu is two-sided...don't make the same mistake that wild toast did!], but this morning they also had a separate list of specials. i went with the veggie benedict and was very happy that it came with asparagus -- an unusual, but welcome touch. one thing that did not make me very happy was that the benedict did not come with homies -- a sneaky ploy by "the man" to squeeze more money from ya. everyone knows that homies and eggs go together like burt & ernie, peanut butter & jelly, and jack & coke, so obviously people will pay the extra $2 for said combination...i was one such sucker this morning. i also paid an additional $2 for bacon. the benedict was great -- very good hollandaise and the homemade english muffin was more like toast, which i really liked. the eggs were a little undercooked though. the chef probably got too confused by the "poached HARD" request by my compadre the usual. the bacon was nice and thick and tasty and the homies were quite good -- a little soft, but bursting with seasoned, peppery goodness. overall, the food at the good egg was really great and i definitely enjoy eating there. the best part of the experience this morning was by far the service. little scooter (or cricket?) was very nice and accommodating -- let us move to the back booth and got our extensive drink order all straight. at the tender age of 15, he has yet to learn the correct ratio of champagne to juice, but our server caite remedied that problem immediately. she was fabulous -- friendly, personable, adorable, and great at her job. and i liked her earrings a lot. we already liked her a lot, but the deal was totally sealed when she brought us 2 free cinnamon buns. oh DING, DING, DING!!! in all honesty, there's nothing bad that i can really say about breakfast this morning -- sorry folks. i would highly recommend this restaurant...especially if you can get caite, since i haven't always had the greatest service there in the past. definitely give this place a shot. oh, and p.s. -- the tea was perfect. (betcha thought i'd forget to mention the tea, eh?)"

the usual

- vegetarian benedict, homefries, mango mimosa, and coffee.
- grade: A
"although we thought that getting in on easter sunday was going to be a crapshoot, we waited only 5 minutes for a lovely corner booth at the good egg. the young (and i mean young) guy who seated us quickly took our drink requests and set off to make them. we all decided on mimosas -- it IS easter after all. i chose mango for a zippy new flavor not frequently offered. the drinks arrived after a few shananigans with the booze / juice ratios (our young lad was learning and was helped out by our friendly server). meanwhile, we ordered our meals and straying from my flock of usual breakfasts, i went with the benedict. i know -- i was just asking to be hit with runny yolks exploding all over everything. however -- my astute colleagues informed me of the possibility of eggs poached hard, and after confirming this rumor with our server, my decision was made. benedict it was, without all the benedict mess. benny girl and i split an order of homies, as they unfortunately don't come with the benedicts. i'm generally of the belief that homefries should come with all egg meals in the morning -- so i was a little bummed that the good egg partitioned them off into the realm of sides. anyway, as we waited for our food and giggled about how wonderful our server was, she showed up with a couple of cinnamon rolls for the table. this lovely gesture caused quite the stir at our table, as we discussed whether or not she knew of our famed reviewer status. we decided that she probably did not -- she was probably just being nice and sweet. our food arrived quickly and we dug in. my eggs were hard and perfect, mounted atop the toast, alongside asparagus bits and spinach. it was a fabulous choice -- filling and extremely well-balanced in terms of flavor. i was not disappointed. the homies, although i couldn't finish my half, were pretty decent. not the best, but certainly ranked higher than many places we've been [ahem, hot suppa!]. they were a little mushy for my taste, the flavor was right on point as my tongue exploded with light peppery fireworks. a wonderful change of pace. i left the good egg feeling extremely full and happy. the service was spectacular -- i would go as far as to say that it was the best to date. our server was phenomenal to the point of perfection, but without hovering or any misunderstandings. it was a lovely experience. very impressive."

wild toast
- traditional benedict, orange mimosa, and coffee
-grade: A
"the holiday of easter is steeped in the mysteries of fertility, so what better place to ponder these musings than the good egg? expecting a wait, we arrived ready to slip a five spot into the nearest old man's pocket as we contemplated bribing a table our way. to our surprise, we waited only long enough to snack on two dark chocolate easter eggs before we were seated in a corner booth. we were immediately offered beverages by a guy who had the aura of missing the 80s. he was all class, actually he was kinda quiet and awkward and made off-kilter "i'm only 15 and never had a drink" mimosas. having said that, he was very friendly. our server, a lovely-dressed and smiling chic named caite, quickly offered to pump up mamamosa's mild mimosa and then brought everything else over. a few minutes later, having played musical mimosas and testing the palettes of our three varied bubblies, our lovely server brought complimentary sticky buns. ah shit, free buns on easter! it's a regular ol' easter frickin miracle. coffee refills had, and a decent cup at that, our meals arrived like the great snow storm of april 2007, fast and with a sense of "yo check this shit out y'alls. i be here mo fo, faster 'dan lightenin', speedier 'dan mighty mouse, an' shit yo i be stylin'!" our meals arrived fast, so fast in fact, that i wasn't even quite ready for it. not a complaint, as typically one would complain if it were slow. anyway, the bunnies of easters past blessed my thick slab of dark forest ham that sat atop my poached eggs and thin english crispy toast that acted as the subtle flotation of my yellow bog of hollandaise. with a touch of mamamosa's rejected hot sauce, this meal was really quite tasty. i will note that unfortunately i participated in a self-induced pizza eating contest the night before and was still rather tanked from a dozen or so slices. and for my "in the know" readers, i do not have a large appetite. i am like a french bird who dines at will, grazing like a swedish buffalo on grasses long and green-swept. my flightless will, complacent by the dew's soft kiss on my inarguably scruffy chinny-chin, lavender skies and milk chocolate-leaning shadows... the good egg, you are my pride and joy. so my meal was good. the service was great. thank you caite for a memorable easter feastus for the breakfast club's first annual "easter eggs are breakfast too!" campaign."
-traditional Mimosa, Coffee, Eggs From Hell
grade- b+

"i hopped on down to the good egg feeling a little hesitant about the name. i have a love/hate relationship with eggs. they gross me out if I give them too much consideration, but on the other hand they are so yummy, so on that fact alone I was nervous. we entered and were promptly told by a "6 year old" that a table would be available as soon as it could be cleared. we plopped ourselves down on a couch (that all but swallowed us) and found a large bowl of chocolates in the form of eggs. these were not cheep wal-mart style chocolate eggs, but deep dark dove eggs. mmm, how festive. i have to admit i took a large handful and stuffed them in my bag. our table was cleared quickly and when we asked to be seated in the back opposed to next to the door there was no hesitation by the staff. seated, our drink orders were taken before our ready-to-please (and well dressed) waitress arrived. the mimosa i received was lightly flavored with champagne and right when i was struggling with the idea of sending it back our waitress asked if it was strong enough. i quickly said no, and it was whisked away. it came back topped off with the good stuff, making me feel as if my $4 was not completely wasted. personally, i would have liked 1/2 poured out and refilled with bubbly, but hey, what's my name? cinnamon rolls were served on the house and our food came quickly. the first thing I noticed was that my eggs were over hard as opposed to over easy like I had requested. but for that, they were good. the eggs were flanked by a herbed tortilla and a good pile of well spiced beans. a sliver, and I mean sliver, of watermelon teetered on the edge of my plate. while this was a nice touch, if you are going to put it out there at least give me a mouth full. all the components melded nicely with one another and i was generally pleased with my meal. i would have liked to see the eggs and beans on top of the tortilla, plus some cheddar cheese and more sour cream. but I was satisfied and happy. the chipotle hell sauce was on the side as i requested. i sampled it and it burned most of my taste buds, but then again i am a huge wuss when it comes to hot sauce. the bathroom was dim and i did not have much confidence in the lock but it appeared clean and the soap was not overly floral. after all, who wants to eat their food when all that be can smelled is chemy flowers. overall, i enjoyed my meal and i look forward to returning there again. most of all, the company took the cake."

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