25 March 2007


(no longer open)
dining date: 03.25.07
eatery: uffa! on state street at longfellow square
pricing category: a little pricey, but worth every penny
guest critic: bird
overall grade: A/A+

the lowdown:
- great table, in the front window. heat was blasting under our seats when we got there, but they turned it down for us immediately.
- nice open, sunny atmosphere.
- service was excellent. when the food runner brought out our breakfast he'd been told who got what, always a sign of great service when they don't have to ask customers which meal is theirs.
- great location right in longfellow square.
- there is a "donut bar"...!
the food
the benny girl
- eggs florentine w/bacon added, homies and tea. plus donuts.
- grade: A+
"quite possibly the best benedict in portland- hands down. when ordering, i was torn between the eggs benedict and the florentine (i'd like to note that uffa! describes their traditional benedict as coming with ham NOT canadian bacon. FINALLY a place that calls it what it is...or at least what it tastes like. this definitely earned uffa! mega brownie points). anyway, the reason i was torn was because i really wanted the tomatoes and spinach of the florentine, but it comes with cheddar and i wanted hollandaise. well....i told our server that i was torn and he saved the day. first, he told me that the florentine comes with cheddar AND hollandaise, whoa! and second, he suggested adding bacon to it so i can have my 'daily dose of pork'- brilliant. let's just say that the whole thing was effin' delicious. it came with a side of homies that were more like dinner potatoes, buttery and well-seasoned. the breakfast also came with a side of greens and a little bunch of grapes. a lovely and nutritiously tasty treat. the tea was a good experience too. as a dessert we ordered from 'the donut bar.' we ordered a plain donut, a maple cream, and a chocolate coconut. holy cow! we were wondering why they took a little while to arrive but understood immediately when they came out piping hot. the donuts are made to order! wow. overall, this is an incredible breakfast. my only complaint is that i was too full to eat another uffa! meal right after."

the usual

- 2 eggs, homefries, toast, bacon for my compadres, coffee
- grade: A
"let me just say that i have always disliked the name uffa!. so much so that i've been known to say 'heck if i'll ever go there.' i'm not a huge fan of names that are sounds or contain exclamation points. that said, uffa!'s brunch is certainly one of the best in portland. we were greeted sincerely and given the best seat in the house- by the window looking out at longfellow square. coffee and tea arrived fairly quickly as we perused the compact yet extensive menu. i went with the usual- i figured what the hey- why not? after ordering, my gaze wandered to the stuff on the table. what was that tucked in between the salt shaker and the sugar packets? could it be? yes! it is! a pepper GRINDER! my eyes lit up as i shared my discovery- lack of fresh pepper is something i complain about constantly- as i find it nowhere during our brunch excursions. what a perk! anyhow, our meals came, not super quickly but in good time, allowing us ample time to chat. my plate was packed with food- my eggs were fried perfectly over-hard- already slightly seasoned. the toast- homemade wheat with butter- was quite possibly the best part of the meal: thickly sliced and balanced perfectly between crumbly and crusty. my bacon was distributed to the meat eaters and appeared to have been enjoyed. the homefries, though tasty, were probably the weakest aspect of my meal. a small spoonful (though enough to adequately fill the plate)- they were soft, mushy and buttery. they had good flavor but lacked the crisp necessary to be acknowledged as true homefries. this i'm willing to forgive because my meal was basically stellar all around. the service was impeccable, the food was delicious, really, uffa! impressed the pants right off me."

wild toast
- scrambled eggs with tomatoes, scallions and brie on a croissant, homefries, mixed greens and coffee
-grade: A+
"i had avoided this particular location as it seemed a little pretentious and as you all know, i really can be pleased with the fine dinings of marcy's. to my pleasant surprise i had misjudged this portland destination. uffa's nose is not raised to you and instead, the employees are warm and friendly. to our delight we were seated at the window table which is really a fantastic location. filled with inspiration we gazed at longfellow perched above us as a beacon of good fortune and high prospects of what was to come. what arrived was maybe the tastiest breakfast i've had in this vivacious town we so dearly love. now if someone would just get a handle on The State, all will be fine. i digress. my meal, the scrambled huevos and friends, was to die for. each bite surpassing the last, it was a wicked good- guy. the coffee was plentiful as was the translucent wine with cubes. (H2O in wine glass). my homefries were not really amazing, a little mushy but honestly i didn't care as all my attention was on the egg delight that so quenched my breakfast necessities. having a few bites of mesclun and grapes was a nice addition, especially before moving on to what most would consider overkill, freshly made donuts. oh, shizamm! ordering 3 to split 4 ways seemed appropriate and we enjoyed them all especially the thankfully understated special of the day which was a maple-cream nugget. very tasty. the one odd thing was the flavor of the plain donut which was the one i specifically wanted to try. it kinda tasted like chicken fingers...ah, who cares, i was still flying high on all of the other wonderful things. one more thing to add was that after months of searching we finally found an establishment that offered a pepper grinder on the table. ya'll hear dat? freshly ground pepper, booyah! awesome meal, i will definitely be going back for more!"
-eggs florentine, coffee, donuts
-grade: A
"ugh, the pressure's on: first time reviewing, first time at uffa's, first time eating eggs florentine. overall, this was a great meal with excellent service. although i don't really eat meat and would get the florentine again, it seemed like it was missing something... something salty. like maybe bacon. anyways, it was still very yummy. also, i definitely would have wanted more home fries instead of salad and grapes. the donuts = fried deliciousness. wow.

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